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I want to tell you our many successful students have become masters in crypto-forex trading and gotten their funded accounts from top companies after completing this course.

If they have become masters, there’s nothing that can stop you.

You are a genius. You just need the right direction.

How does this course Make you a rockstar crypto-forex trader?

You might be wondering why so many people don’t get success in the crypto trading market? Why do many of them lose a lot of money in trading?

Yes, it has two answers, One, they are not knowledgeable about the risks and substantial losses that they can incur, and two, they end up having the wrong guidance from unprofessionals

And behind this,

Many Crypto YouTubers have become the worst way of money loss for every crypto and forex trading aspirant by delivering false information. I don’t reprehend all of them, but rebuking those unprofessional is our right!!

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Because, in order to terminate all these challenges faced by you, we have launched this incredible course.

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  • Discord Community Access
  • Our Personal Trade Setups
  • Trade-Plan Template
  • Tradelog
  • Exclusive Tools
  • Crypto & Forex E-book
  • Trading Psychology E-book

Live Stream

00 / Month
  • Live Stream Access
  • Live Stream Recordings
  • Discord Community Access
  • Our Personal Trade Setups
  • Trade-Plan Template
  • Tradelog

Live Stream Ultimate

00 / 6 Months
  • Live Stream Access
  • Live Stream Recordings
  • Discord Community Access
  • Our Personal Trade Setups
  • Trade-Plan Template
  • Tradelog
  • Exclusive Tools
  • Crypto & Forex E-book
  • Trading Psychology E-book

Choose the Plan That's Right for You


  • Complete video course
  • Livestreams
  • Community access
  • Our personal setups


3 months
  • Complete video course
  • Livestreams
  • Community access
  • Our personal setups
  • Trade-plan template
  • Tradelog


  • Complete video course
  • Livestreams
  • Community access
  • Our personal setups
  • Trade-plan template
  • Tradelog
  • Exclusive MetaTrader tools and calculators

*No obligations, monthly terminable*

How This Course Will be a game-changer for you?

Ever heard a college or university bestowed you with a job? NO, they cannot… because their work is to instruct you, not provide a job.
But Artis Lite makes it possible… It is an online school that delivers (you) real crypto and forex trading world knowledge based on their teachers’ 16+ years of combined experience. We have proper ladder steps which ensure your success. Let me disclose to you a small roadmap before enrolling in this course; First, we ask for your interest, whether in crypto or Forex trading. Don’t worry if you are thinking of both. We offer two-in-one as well, so feel comfortable.
  • You get instant access to all the videos.
  • You fetch all the necessary mindset, vocabulary, technical terms, technical analysis (charts), trading platforms and tools, fundamentals analysis, and our instructors’ personal strategy.
  • When we ensure your theoretical part has been strong, you are entered into the practical world.
  • Both crypto and Forex experts adopt Livestreams daily in which you Will be passed through.
  • If you are a forex aspirant, you will have an opportunity to try a trade (by Instructors’ help) from your demo account to make you confident.
  • We end up making you a profitable funded trader.
That’s not it. We also give you an overview so that you don’t have ambiguity before enrolling. Get all things just in one place in this course. You are just one step away from bringing a revolution in your life. So finish this distance just by clicking below.

How can you learn from us?

At Artis Lite Academy we want to make sure that our platform is accessible and affordable for every single person.

First, let’s take a step back and look at the average price for a complete Crypto or Forex course with some extras (and yes, we’re talking about monthly payments here):

  • Forex course: €1.497
  • Crypto course: €1.497
  • Live session: €1.188
  • Private community group: €495
  • Support from and access to top traders: €769
  • Access to live trading rooms: €495
    • Recorded videos included
    • Personal setups included

➡️ TOTAL VALUE: €5.941 / month!
➡️ ARTIS PRICE: €47/ month!

As we said, we want to make it accessible and affordable for every single person and after all, we are TRADERS ourselves who are just sharing their knowledge and passion so there’s no need to ask for +€5.000 a month!

With us, you can choose between 3 different packages. 
You can find them above.

How bad do you want the life of your dreams?


Karen Nina

I'm very grateful to be a part of this platform and to be able to learn and develop my skills every day. There is a lot to tell and a lot to research in terms of crypto and he does not only do it when you ask to look into a token's fundamentals to gain more knowledge about them all together, they also teach you how to do it for yourselves so we get more and more independent, self-assured and more successful every day. A wonderful combination of technicals and fundamentals analysis, weekly technical overview, sound trade ideas, profound Q&A, and makin' money together!


I have had the pleasure to receive my certificate from MFF for my first 200k funded account. Being a member of this platform has been the best decision I made for trading. I don't like learning platforms where they offer 30 strategies because it makes you think the grass is greener on the other side. Here you can choose between a few really good strategies that all work because you can follow every step they take. Amazing educators to learn from very easy to follow, especially I might add for people who have jobs or do not have a lot of time this group is for you!


Got my first payout on my funded program account after joining. I am super grateful for the team. We have weekly calls on both forex and crypto and they help us with both the trading and interesting crypto opportunities. They not only give trade ideas but also make us learn and duplicate what they’re doing which I feel is the important thing. So, from my experience, everyone can benefit from Artis Lite Academy.


Being exposed to a team of actual traders who’s soul purpose is to help you succeed is powerful. Having been part of other trading companies and groups, that do not necessarily have your best interests at heart, I can 100% say that they do. They share their strategies, market analysis, wins, losses, psychology, trading journey and everything that will enable you to succeed. All you need to do is start.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You don't need any experience. It is easier to teach someone from scratch rather than to retrain. Retraining is a big challenge, removing old habits is very difficult. Yet not impossible.

    This is a very serious program; all of our students have the ability to ask questions and our educators will answer every single question, offer feedback on your trades and review you analysis. During the livestreams, in our private Discord community, all your questions will be resolved.

    Of course. The program is designed in such a way that a fifth-grader will be able to understand the material. In the learning process, you will receive step-by-step instructions and simple tools that you can immediately apply in your trading.

    This does not mean that everything will be easy. But with great desire and a responsible approach to learning, you will succeed.

    The trading strategies taught by Artis Lite Academy work on all timeframes. Selecting a market and/or a timeframe comes down to personal preference.
    The main difference of this program, compared to online trading courses, is high profitability with relatively low risks.
    Therefore, it does not really matter which market you trade or which timeframe you use. You will receive a whole set of rules and tools for safe trading in any market.

    You will get full support from the team. It will be our priority to respond as soon as possible (during working hours of support).

    Trading small volumes at the very beginning of your trading journey is absolutely normal, and even recommended. It is the best way to learn and polish your trading skills.

    As soon as you are making consistent profits, you should increase the volume.

    But you need to do this competently and without undue risk. Giving risk management and money management the utmost respect.

    This is precisely what you will learn to do together with the educators.

    This program is designed to enable you to learn from our traders at a pace that is comfortable for you, regardless of the time zone in which you live and devoting just 4-5 hours a week.

    This is possible thanks to a well-thought-out curriculum. And to the fact that all learning material is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Not to mention all the support from the team!

    It is not just a set of confusing videos; rather, it is a full-blown trading education. You will work hard. You will learn fast. You will engage with a group of like-minded traders, and so on and so forth. This will be a great experience, and perhaps the best investment you have made so far.

    Everything else is just a waste of time.

    Well, that depends. A lot of people see it as such. That's for sure. And yes, luck does play a small role in trading. But the size of that role always depends on the level of your knowledge. We leave luck out of it. But its normal to get unlucky here and there. Trading is one of the most complicated jobs there. And we will never hide that from our students. People tend to spend a minimal amount of time on education and just jump into trading with real money. Of course, they will lose it all fast and later say that trading is gambling. Its really not, but for someone who is treating it seriously and not like a hobby.

    It will depend on you. The course is designes to complete in a couple of weeks but grasping the full concept of trading can take a few months. Trading is not a skill that you learn overnight. But it's worth the effort and time, that's for sure!

    It will be up to you, but we will recommend that you first complete the program. There will be a lot of practical assignments throughout the program but with a demo account of your choice. Artis Lite Academy will not force you to open an account with any broker. And there will be no real money trading until you are ready. Period. First, you must make sure that you know what you are doing, and only then you should start with a small trading deposit.

    If you pay attention throughout and start trading precisely like we teach, you will make money. But it is your responsibility to put in the work.

    It is an online program; therefore, it is possible to start at any time. You will have access 24/7.