Our Forex course will teach you all the necessary skills, market psychology and understanding of market structure to be able to analyse the largest financial market in the world. Make sure that you don’t miss any opportunity that this market provides by enrolling for this course.


In the basic course, you will immediately learn the right mindset that you should have as a trader before even learning about the markets. We lay the mental foundations on which you will later build your trading knowledge. The basic course also includes the understanding of what the forex market is and the terminology that you should know as a trader. Furthermore, you will learn about basic trading concepts upon which you will build more advanced knowledge.

Technical analysis

This part of the course teaches you the principles and applications of technical analysis, which is the analysis of price and how it moves on price charts. By mastering this type of analysis, you will be one step closer to your trading goals!
  • Intermediate

    In this part of the course, you will learn Risk and Trade Management, which is one of the most vital aspects of profitable trading. Furthermore, you will learn strong trading techniques and how to apply what you’ve learned up until that point of the course.

  • Expert

    This is really the part that will set you apart from other traders. You will learn how the markets work behind the scenes and you’ll have access to information that very few traders ever get to witness. We will teach you the reality of the markets and the traps that are set out for you to fall for. You will then learn to recognize and avoid them!


In this part of the course, you will learn how the financial system works and what makes prices move. This required a good understanding of macroeconomics and geopolitics. There is no need to feel intimidated by such fancy-sounding words tough. Just know that fundamental analysis is a way of analyzing the potential moves of a currency through the strength or weakness of a country’s economic outlook. After completing this part of the course you will be able to conduct a complete fundamental analysis by understanding the essential aspects of the economy that impact the currency rates.

Livestream Sessions

You will have access to all the livestream session that can help you understand the markets better, see what our educators are looking at and even get the opportunity to ask them questions! This is where everything you’ve learned so far, will be put into practice on a daily basis. Together with our educators, you will analyze the live markets.

Community Access

You will be granted access to the community, in which you will be able to interact with other traders and our educators!
Learn from them or let them learn from you, as collaboration improves the learning process.
This is the place where you can get personal feedback from the educators or other students.
This group will help you shorten the learning curve dramatically and give you the opportunity to take advantage of our educators personal trade setups.

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  • Complete video course
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  • Community access
  • Our personal setups
  • Startup guide​
  • Trade-plan template
  • Tradelog
  • Risk management tool

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