Finding a good strategy that fits your personality and personal agenda can be difficult.

These days you can find hundreds of strategies when it comes to a certain trading strategy, but how would you know which one to follow? Or which one is profitable? Or which one suits you? Or… ?


We have been there, we have gone through those struggles and now we’re here to help you in learning the skills of trading.

We only focus on 3 main strategies, taught by 3 different traders, all with their own specific benefits.


From our experience, it’s best to focus on 1 strategy and to really master this one to become a consistent and profitable trader.


Listed below, you can find a short introduction on our strategies, choose one and master it. 

Smart Money strategy

With Smart Money concepts we focus on getting high risk to rewards. 
Our risk to reward can easily go above a 1 to 3 for a first partial taking area and we can hold these trades for longer, aiming for over a 1 to 10 risk to reward. 

In the way we teach it, we want to have the most ‘secure’ entry so our analysis is based on multiple timeframes with multiple confirmations. 
This however also includes that we need to practice patience. 

We usually know quite fast whether we are right or wrong because we have tight stop losses and we should be able to go break-even fairly quickly if we are right. 
Our trades can run for a few hours or a few days and sometimes we leave a small position running for a possible swing TP.

Impact strategy

Impact strategy is a trend-following trade strategy that can be used on all timeframes. Scalpers, (intra)day-traders, swing traders, and even long-term position traders will enjoy using this trading system.
Strongly considering the fundamental and sentimental aspects of the markets to find low risk, high probability trade setups with an above-average win rate.
The strategy uses two main indicators that are built upon price action and market structure. We will show you step by step how to use this strategy and gain confidence in your trading!

Break & Order strategy

The “Break and Order” strategy is a position trading strategy heavily based on the concept of supply and demand in the markets.

When we are looking at supply and demand in the market we are generally looking at “areas of doing business”. Areas where a large amount of money has done business before and are therefore likely to do business again. When we say “do business” we simply mean to buy or sell.

The strategy spots where accumulation is taking place to show us the directional bias.

The “Break and Order” strategy works best on larger timeframe movements. It’s main focus is catching the entire movement in order to limit the losses and maximize the results.

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